To my fellow sisters

To my fellow sisters sitting next to me in the womb of creation.

I see you.

I admire your courage.

Looking at your shadows straight in the eyes, allowing yourself to feel and be seen in your most vulnerable states. Instead of pushing it away, you are opening your heart to the darkness, embracing it with light and love.

I admire your grace.

Dancing on these rollercoaster rhythms. Inviting each second in. Tasting it. Letting its flavor take over your body. Enjoying the fruit of life without judging its taste. Whether bitter or sweet.

I admire your wit and self-derision.

Observing from above. Finding it in your belly to laugh at your own humanity. Like a loving and compassionate mom watching her child make the honest mistakes with amusement in her eyes.

I admire your grit.

Waking up every morning to a fresh new day. Choosing each second to stay in this life. Having faith that paradise is here, on Earth, in your very own being.

I admire your wild innocence.

Letting your rawness and divinity shine through. Playfully turning limitations on their heads.
In that process, you are finding your truth. You are walking your path. You are inspiring others to do the same.

I am full of gratitude for your presence.

May this beautiful circle become ever wider.