Enter into resonance

with your Soul Song

As human beings, we are a bridge between the material and the spirit world – a soul incarnated in a body to experiment, learn and embody its unique vibration.


The current times are calling us to remember our true divine nature and share our Soul Song with the world.


We are invited to turn to a different kind of wisdom. Not a knowledge formed in the mind but a knowing coming from our heart.


Will you dare listen to it?

Hi, my name is Delphine.


I am an intuitive energetic healer, coach and hypnotherapist. A few years ago, I reconnected with my gift to channel light language and harmonizing chants and frequencies.


I hold sacred spaces to guide you on a sound healing journey and help you shift your vibrational state, clear the dissonances and harmonize with your unique soul song.


Through my work with sound, my intention is to contribute to the awaking of heart-led consciousness and bring more lightness, love and joy in this world.

My offerings

Soul Song Coaching & Sound Healing

I offer individual coaching and sound healing sessions both online and in-person.


In the session, we will bring to light the stories, beliefs and memories that are no longer in service to you and your soul’s mission.


You will then be guided on a meditative and sound healing journey to help you clear those dissonances and (re)connect with your divine nature and gifts of many lifetimes to experience more peace, lightness and joy in your life.

Astrological Natal Chart Reading

I am currently a student of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School.


I will soon be offering natal chart readings to help you gain more clarity on your soul’s purpose and the set of instructions to guide you and bring you to alignment with your soul’s mission in this current life.

Resources to explore

Channeled light codes and sound healing, rituals to connect with nature and her rhythms.

Relax and let yourself be guided through meditative journeys to connect with your inner guidance.

I am sharing channeled messages and inspirations.

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