Crafting your Life

Each thought, each word, each action has a creative power.

Your life is made out of a succession of choices. Some are made consciously, and others feel like imposed upon yourself. Some resonate deep inside of you, others are being dictated by your environment, your judgements and your fears. Each of these choices can make you more confident, vibrant and peaceful… or on the contrary can contribute to your stress level, your frustration, and your suffering.

Crafting your life means being conscious of your creative power and taking (back) the leadership of your life.

It’s enabling you to free yourself from old thinking patterns and behaviors which prevent you from creating the life you aspire to.

Crafting your life means dancing the melody coming from within.

Guiding you on your path, one inspiration at a time


Changing the course of your career, crafting your job,  going through life changes, building self-confidence, or simply discovering yourself and exploring your potential.



Freeing yourself from your own prison of behaviors, fears or emotions. Connecting to all your hidden resources, enabling new learning and developing your performance.


Assessing how much of your potential is being expressed in your life today. Integrating the insights in your daily life to enable you to reach your full potential.


Who am I?

About me

During my first life researching consumer behavior for a large multinational corporation, I developed a passion for human understanding. I deeply listened to the life stories of women I interviewed around the world.


Today as a certified professional coach and a Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, my mission is to enable you to harmonize your personal and professional life choices with what resonates deeply within you.


I am also engaged in volunteering work for Arche Suisse Beyond Borders, an organisation supporting humanitarians around the world in emotions and stress management.

News, blog & inspiration

  • I came back a few days ago from one week in Greece volunteering with Arche Suisse Beyond Borders to support humanitarians from METAdrasi working with refugees. We facilitated workshops on trauma and stress management and gave individual hypnotherapy sessions to interpreters, teachers, coordinators, program managers,......

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Centre Aliotis, 30 Boulevard Helvétique, 1207 Genève


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