Reclaim your Joy

and bring your unique magic into the world

To the non-conformists at heart who feel called to bring more of their true selves into the world.

You’ve experienced the discomfort of trying to fit in a box that was not designed for you. You know there is magic within you that longs to be uncovered, awakened, and expressed. It is calling you forward, and yet…

Are you allowing yourself to reclaim your path of Joy?

Have you lost track of yourself trying to please and meet everyone else’s expectations? Do you long for a deeper connection with your inner guidance so you can feel more confident in your choices and experience more joy and flow in your life? Are you tired of keeping yourself small and censoring yourself? Do you want to freely embody your truth and unapologetically share it with the world?

Wherever you are on your journey, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge you and remind you that:

1. You are not alone and

2. This path can be full of lightness and joy

Hi, I am Delphine.

I’m a Coach, Light Language Channel and Intuitive Guide.

So much of my own path has been about letting go of trying to fit in and tracking my own Joy.


Today, I help sensitives and non-conformists at heart to reconnect with their truth, make peace with their humanity and embody their unique magic.


My intuitive way of guiding blends a wide variety of modalities working on the conscious, subconscious and energetic levels. These practices include life coaching, nature-based shamanic practices, light language channeling, sound healing, hypnosis, movement,…

i believe

Reclaiming Joy in today’s world is a militant act of self-love.

It requires courage and compassion to choose yourself and follow your inner guidance.

What if you were given 1000% license to




Just the thought of what would open up for you is giving me goosebumps!

work with me

You desire to


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