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Dare crafting

the life you aspire to

Hi !

I’m Delphine, an entrepreneur, coach, and hypnotherapist based in Geneva. I am guiding you in bringing change in your life and reaching your personal and professional goals. My objective is for you to develop your autonomy on your self-exploration journey and your path towards your full potential.


My mission is to enable you to harmonize your personal and career choices with what resonates deeply within you. Dare craft the life you aspire to.


I am a certified professional and life coach and Ericksonian Hypnosis practitioner, I also give conferences and trainings on a wide array of topics such as stress and emotion management, mental load, and self-hypnosis techniques.

Guiding you on a journey between conscious and subconscious back to who you truly are to manifest the life you aspire to.


Looking for more purpose, meaning, and happiness in your job and life. Career management, job crafting, building self-confidence, or simply discovering yourself.


Stress, anxiety, insomnia and emotions management. Overcome your fears, blocages and procrastination. Develop your self-esteem, performance and improve your well-being.


Assessing how much of your potential is being expressed in your life today. Integrating the insights in your daily life to enable you to reach your full potential.


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