To guide you in the process of clarifying, defining and reaching your goals. These might relate to your personal or your professional life…or maybe a bit of both! It starts with you becoming the leader of your own life and daring to go on a self-discovery journey.


Anyone ready to take a leap and drive change into his/her life. To prepare a career transition or define a completely new direction, to go through life changes, to develop your potential and improve your performances. To accelerate your personal growth journey towards a more fulfilling life.

Listen to your heart and your body… If you are feeling exhausted, demotivated, frustrated and a bit lost. If deep-down there is a desire for change, a longing to do something more meaningful and to bring more harmony in your life.


To discover yourself, to give meaning to your choices and live in full alignment with yourself.

  • To shed a new light on your current situation, take a step back and understand your life journey
  • To develop self-awareness: identify your values, uncover your resources, define your needs, set your limits
  • To build a vision, life mission, widen the field of possibilities
  • To regain motivation, build self-confidence and develop resilience
  • To overcome fears and limiting beliefs
  • To develop intuition and enable decision making


It all starts with a first phone conversation to discuss what you are looking for, explain briefly what coaching is all about and answer any questions you might have. The coaching process takes place over several sessions. We can meet face to face or talk over the phone. The process is tailor-made for you depending on your goal, your own journey and your specific needs at the beginning of each session.

If you are curious about…


  • Assessing how much of your full potential you are really tapping into today
  • Understanding how Human Potential is built and the 23 dimensions behind it
  • Identifying the dimensions you are already leveraging today and the ones remaining untapped
  • Developing an action plan to integrate these insights and enable you to reach your full potential