Light Language

Light Language is a universal language that holds your unique Soul’s vibration

Light Language is also known as the language of Source or the language of the Soul. It is universal in the sense that it is understood by all that is alive across dimensions. But the way it expresses itself through you holds your unique soul’s signature.

Where does Light Language come from

Light language is not something that is learned. It is intuitively channeled. As such, it is a way to download subtle (light) information from higher realms and anchor it into the physical world.


It comes from your higher self and aspects of you from other realms. Depending on your heritage and the information needed for you in this lifetime, it can be connected to star systems (Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, …), collective of beings, animal and Earth spirits (dolphins, whales, faeries, dragons…), ancient civilizations (Atlantis, Lemuria,…), etc…


It is not to be understood by the mind but to be felt by your more subtle bodies. Just like music can move you and take you on a journey, light language speaks directly to your Soul.

forms of light language

Light Language expresses itself through various ways

the voice: speaking, toning, chanting, singing

the hands: writing, drawing

the body: signing, dancing

what does it do

Light Language helps to bring you back into alignment with your inner truth.

Light codes are packed with information that work on the multidimensional level to help shift your energy. It is a potent way to support you on your path and assist in the rise of humanity’s consciousness.

Energetic harmonization

Releasing blockages, clearing and harmonizing of the energetic centers and subtle bodies

Connection with higher guidance

Strengthening the connection with inner guidance and communicating with higher self, guides and allies

Activation of information

Awakening and activating the dormant information and abilities for the next stage of evolution

working with light language

Ways to work with me and Light Language

Frequently Asked Questions

How to best receive a Light Language transmission?

As it is not directed to the conscious mind, the best way to receive it is to be open and relaxed. If it helps at the beginning, you can focus your attention on your body and your breath and progressively allow yourself to go on a journey.

What can I expect to experience?

You might experience physical sensations (tingling, changes in body temperature, energy moving), connect to memories from this life or other lifetimes, travel to other dimensions and realms, experience emotional release, receive information from your guides,… or nothing at all. Trust that it is exactly the right experience for you at this time.

Do I need to do anything specific after a session?

Like with any energetic practice, it is recommended to drink a lot of water after receiving a light language download to support the clearing and integration process. I invite you to remain curious in the following days and observe what is shifting for you.

Can my own connection to Light Language be activated during a session?

Yes, it is possible and it happened to a few of my friends and clients. But it is not a rule and each path is unique. If it happens to you, my advice is to remain curious and playful.  Don’t try to force it. It usually comes when you’re relaxed and doing things that you love  and bring you back to the present moment like being in nature, with animals, chanting, dancing, meditating, etc… The more you allow it, the more your connection will expand.