The space in between

As we transform, there is always a delicate place we need to cross called « the space in between ». It is when you realize your old habits, beliefs and circumstances are no longer serving you but you can’t picture how the new you will look like… yet.

In that space, you are surrounded by fog. The lighthouse you used to search for as guidance is no longer visible.
You might be tempted to think you need to create a new one, a new vision for yourself.

But what’s the point?

You wouldn’t be able to see its light through the clouds anyway. You might feel disoriented or completely lost.

It’s OK.

It’s the perfect time to turn to a different light. The light within. The guidance coming from your heart, from your soul. The light that will reveal the next step. And only that next step.

It’s a time to reconnect to a different kind of wisdom. Not a knowledge formed in the mind but a knowing coming from the heart. A little voice whispering your soul’s deepest calling.

Will you dare listen to it?

It takes courage to be still and present in that space in between.

But for those who are, they’ll have the privilege to experience themselves being reborn.