The call of our times

From oneness to the illusion of separation


We are a divine being incarnated into matter, a soul incarnated in a body, light incarnated into density. Our soul is an expression of oneness, source, god, the universe, the flow of life, love. Before our incarnation, our soul has made an agreement, it has signed a contract to experiment certain things and gain knowledge through those experiences and contribute to the world through our unique vibration. Our soul agreement is our truth, our purpose, it is why we are here, now, on this planet.

As we incarnate into our body, as we transition from high vibrational frequencies into the density of matter, we forget what this original soul agreement was. We forget who we are, why we are here, what we are here to experiment. From oneness we experience the illusion of separation and duality. This is the original source of all our suffering as a human being on this Earth.


The creation of false beliefs and false identities


As we grow and develop – with no conscious recollection of our divine nature and our truth – we absorb beliefs, behaviors, judgments, habits, from our external environment: our parents, family, friends and teachers, culture. We are continuously adapting ourselves to ensure we receive the love and security that we need to survive in this world. We are slowly building layers and layers of conditioned beliefs, patterns and behaviors that are originally not ours but we’ve repeated them so many times that we’ve internalized them.

Some of these beliefs – some of these stories – are the source of extreme suffering, exhaustion and self-hatred, for us individually but also as a collective. It is easy to see by the state of our planet and our so called « civilized » society how the illusion of separation has led to a culture of extraction (of natural resources), competition, domination, abuse, dissociation, numbing, violence and destruction.


The remembrance of our truth


These times are calling for a remembrance of our divine nature, our original soul agreement and our oneness with all that is. Some of us will be called to awaken to those truths, to become aware of all the lies and illusions we’ve ingested and we’ve desperately tried to conform to. It is time to reclaim our birthright, to take responsibility for our own lives and stop giving our power away to external entities. It is time to remember and embody your truth. This is why you came here. This is your purpose. This is how you serve.


Awakening to what is not you


To do so you must be prepared to take an honest and loving look at yourself and start observing and sensing all that is not you. What are the stories, the false beliefs you have tried to conform to that have caused you harm, that have siphoned your energy and have left you feeling guilty, ashamed, not worthy, and insecure? What are the masks you are wearing, the false identities you are taking for fear of being abandoned, rejected and ending up all alone? When are you disguising yourself, pretending to be someone you are not in an attempt to get external validation? Which parts of you are continuously scrutinizing, judging, trying to control and manipulate yourself and others? Who within you is constantly dissatisfied with who you are at the present moment, making you feel that you are never enough?


The first step is to identify those false stories and to start questioning them. Who says so? Does my heart believe this? What kind of person am I when I believe in this story? How does it make me feel? Does this feel right? Do I feel light, energized, uplifted, joyful, serene, supported, liberated? Or do I feel heavy, drained, frustrated, angry, stuck, constricted, depressed? Do I truly believe in this story? Is it really mine?

You really need to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself – do I want to continue to subscribe to this story? Do I want to continue to force, twist, sensor myself to conform to it? Do I want to keep fighting, denying, rejecting, abandoning my truth to conform to what I think other people are expecting of me? This will ask of you to be OK feeling vulnerable and feeling compassion for yourself.


Honoring your truth


Now that you have clarified what is not you. The next step is to allow yourself to explore who you truly are. This is a personal and an intimate journey. Who am I? What brings me joy? What lights me up? What feels nourishing to me? What makes my heart sing? What gives me energy? What feels natural and effortless? What feels honoring of my being?


You need to create and develop your own practices that help you drop into your being, in the present moment and connect with your intuition, your inner guidance, into the heart of your being. This can be done by creating silence and space in your mind via meditation, movement, being in nature, listening to music… You can trust that all the answers are already within you. They might be surprising, they might not feel comfortable, but they will feel right. You will sense an internal « yes » in your body – but maybe not in your mind!


Embodying your truth


The last step is about taking action to embody your truth. This is how you can slowly but surely start changing those stories. Honoring your truth means aligning your actions with your true beliefs, making the decisions that enforce these beliefs, creating the habits in your daily life that cultivate your true narratives. It happens in the small things. Every thought you have, every interaction, every conversation, every single thing you do in your day is an opportunity for you to embody your truth.

Embodying your truth means sharing it with others, exposing yourself. This requires a lot of courage. It carries the risk of being seen, heard, challenged, disagreed with. But this is true ownership and sovereignty. This is when you are finally taking responsibility for yourself. You are no longer hiding behind other people’s truths, bathing in the uncomfortable yet familiar victim mentality. You are saying to the world: « This is who I am. This is what I believe in. This is what I need. This is how I am in service. And this is non negotiable. » Your courage will inspire others to do the same.


This is a continuous learning process. Step by step, you will be shedding the layers of all that is not you. Every time you shed one, you will discover a new one. That’s OK. The blessing is not in the destination. The blessing lies in the continuous inquiry, discovery and embodiment of who you truly are. This is your gift to the world, the unique contribution of your soul song to the symphony of life.