Delphine has a warm, gentle energy and a beautiful grounding presence. Her connection to spirit is extremely strong and her channeled light language and sound healing are very powerful. I have seen Delphine on several occasions when I was very upset or off-balance and the healing I received shifted my energy in a way that no one else has, removing blockages and upleveling my chakras. Not all light language channeling is the same and Delphine’s is of the highest vibrational frequency. I regularly recommend Delphine’s services to friends and clients because she’s so amazing.



Each time I get blocked on my path and see that I can’t move forward alone, I turn to Delphine and her language medicine. She is a potent healer and channel who helps me connect with what needs to be cleaned, removed, or unblocked beyond my intellect and allows consciousness to come through, sometimes over a couple of days or weeks and sometimes instantly. I’m deeply grateful for having met her. Thanks for bringing such potent and subtle medicine to me and others.



At a crossroad in my job, my sessions with Delphine went far beyond my professional life. Her challenging inquiries, her deep listening and her kindness have allowed me to discover what needed to emerge from deep within me and could now be freely expressed. My hypersensitivity has moved beyond being a barrier to let a new dynamic emerge which is giving me a more realistic and constructive vision of what I am truly desiring: to live peacefully in complete fulfillment. A big THANK YOU!



I really wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for our sessions. I was feeling like a caterpillar stuck in her cocoon and thanks to you I am transforming into a butterfly ready to fly with its own wings and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. You have been a wonderful guide to me.



If there would only be one word to say after my sessions with Delphine is GRATITUDE! Her guidance helped me completely shift the perspective I had that was dragging me down. I have learned a lot about myself, my capacities, my resources and I am experiencing this moment as a turning point in my life. Delphine is really made of love and kindness.



Delphine’s guidance is still helping me today to define the right balance in my life. Some people can help you transform your life, Delphine is one of them. Today I know that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and I have many dreams small and big that inspire me. We can’t control all the things that structure our environment but we can learn to better apprehend them for a happier experience of our life. This is a precious learning I recommend to all.