In a graceful encounter, Kallia and Delphine brought together two instruments of high vibrations: the Gong and the Light Language. The Gong produces a full spectrum of overtones that reach the body and attune its frequencies to their initial, healthy vibrations. Light Language is a coded language that transfers healing information from the subtle to the physical realm, by-passing the mental space, flooding the body with the energy of love, joy and purity.

About the event


With the upcoming New Moon cycle, we happily invite you to join us for a conscious voyage inwards, starting with a purifying ceremony, followed by a guided embodied meditation to prepare for receiving the Gong & Light Language healing. This New Moon being in Pisces, the surrounding energy supports flow, emotional flow, releasing healing flow, unity, compassion and surrender. When we release old traumas, patterns and attachments, we make space for new impulsions to manifest. This new moon can accompany such transitions with sweetness, encouraging the projection of your dreams and visions. It is a moment to define and plant your intentions, like seeds in a fertile ground.

Practical information


Date: Friday March 4th 2022

Time: From 7 to 9pm

Location: Kak’Alom studio in Pâquis, Geneva

Price: 60 CHF – payment upon registration


To register, please send an email at

About your guides for this event

Kallia Apazoglou

Kallia is a Senior Researcher in Neuroscience, a Kundalini Yoga teacher and a Gong player. She is passionate about sharing the unique blend of teachings she received and experiences she made through her Yoga classes and Gong Bath sessions.

Delphine Blanc

Delphine is an intuitive energetic healer and a trained life coach and hypnotherapist. She channels light language, songs, and sound healing vibrations and holds sacred space for individuals and groups.