delphine blanc

About me

I grew passionate about human behavior understanding in the course of my 10 year career in Consumer Insights working for a large multinational corporation. I have been blessed to meet hundreds of women across Europe, Middle-East, India and Africa. These beautiful encounters and connections triggered a quest for a more meaningful work.


In 2018, I took the courageous decision to leave the straight path I was on since high school and follow my heart and soul’s calling. I became a certified professional coach and Ericksonian Hypnosis practitioner.


In 2019, I reconnected with one of my soul’s gift to channel light language frequencies and sound healing vibrations.


I am deeply devoted to continue to explore my own soul song and to courageously share it with the world.

There is no better moment to fall in love with your life than now!

I believe there is no point waiting for the perfect job, the amazing relationship or the stars to be aligned to start enjoying your life. The only thing standing in the way of your happiness are the stories you tell yourself about who you are. Stories you grew up with or you’ve internalized from your external environment and society.


  • Listening with the heart and authentic inquiry to reach a new level of understanding
  • Curiosity and creativity to widen the field of possibilities
  • Action oriented to develop autonomy and self-leadership

Marches en bois avec les mots divine, grace, love et spirit


  • Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, A.R.C.H.E. Hypnose
  • RITMO® (technique for processing traumas derived from EMDR®), under the supervision of Lili Ruggieri
  • Human Potential Assessment Tool, Being at Full Potential
  • Certified Professional Coach (RNCP Level 1, Master 2), Linkup Coaching