After finishing my Masters in Business Administration and Marketing, I worked for 10 years in Consumer Insights and Market Research for a large multinational corporation. I grew curious and passionate about understanding human beings, their aspirations, motivations and their blocages as well.


After a few years, the quest for meaning became more and more pressing. I was experiencing a great gap between what was important to me and my day-to-day life at work. That was the start of a long journey driven by fundamental questions. What am I talented at? Isn’t there something larger for me to contribute to? What can I uniquely bring to this world? What is my life mission?

I decided to get externally trained and certified in Coaching – at the time, I had already trained internally more than a hundred managers to the Coaching approach. I discovered the Human Potential Assessment tool, the result of a beautiful mix between modern management sciences and ancient traditions’ wisdom. I also experienced how effective the work with the unconscious mind could be when I discovered hypnotherapy. Being conscious of certain behaviors and their potential root causes is sometimes not enough to change them. In that case, the work needs to happen at another level, with other parts of ourselves to release the blocages and redirect certain connections. Through Neurosciences, we are progressively uncovering how these connections work in our brain and how to develop neuroplasticity.


I have experienced all these disciplines. They’ve helped me better understand my life journey and define my mission, identify my talents, and overcome certain fears that were paralyzing. I let myself dare.


My mission is to guide you in your own quest for Meaning. Enabling you to connect to your true self and unveil your unique talents. Each step will bring you towards more alignment inside in order to shine outside (and the other way around!).


Listening with the heart and authentic inquiry to reach new level of understanding

Curiosity and creativity to widen the field of possibilities

Action oriented to develop autonomy and ownership


  • Neurosciences, A.R.C.H.E. Hypnose (in process)
  • Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, A.R.C.H.E. Hypnose
  • RITMO® (technique for processing traumas derived from EMDR®), under the supervision of Lili Ruggieri
  • Human Potential Assessment Tool, Being at Full Potential
  • Design Thinking, under the supervision of Holly O’Driscoll
  • Certified Professional Coach (RNCP Level 1, Master 2), Linkup Coaching
  • MBA, Northeastern University
  • MSc Marketing, Reims Management School