Derniers Évènements passés

Anchor into the Pulse of the Earth

Kak'Alom Studio Rue de Zurich, 34, Genève

Let us continue to surf on the beautiful and powerful energies of the Summer Solstice!   For this Gong Bath and Light Language Channeling event, our intention is to elevate our vibration and enter into resonance with the heartbeat of the Earth.   Summer season is...

Ignite your Sacred Inner Fire

Kak'Alom Studio Rue de Zurich, 34, Genève

For this second event, Kallia and Delphine are inviting you for a vibrant inner journey working with the fire element, Gong and Light Language vibrations.   The energies of the season are inviting us to fuel our sacred inner fire and make the changes our heart and soul are calling...

Renew your Visions and Dreams

Kak'Alom Studio Rue de Zurich, 34, Genève

In a graceful encounter, Kallia and Delphine brought together two instruments of high vibrations: the Gong and the Light Language. The Gong produces a full spectrum of overtones that reach the body and attune its frequencies to their initial, healthy vibrations. Light Language is a coded language that transfers healing information from...