Soul Song Coaching and Sound Healing

langage de lumière

90 minute online or in-person individual session

Together we bring to light and decrypt the stories, beliefs, patterns, behaviors, and memories that are preventing you from seeing clearly and are no longer serving you.


I will guide you on a meditative sound healing journey to connect with your subconscious mind, guides and higher self to help clear the dissonances that are blocking you and bring more harmony in your being.


This journey can take many forms and engage your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to anchor the changes deep within your cells. It may include guided meditation, visualization, channeled light codes, chants and sound frequencies, breathwork and movement.


The intention is to help you connect with your inner guidance to experience more peace, lightness and joy in your life.

Light codes and sound healing vibrations can help you


  • clear blocages, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns from present life, ancestral bloodlines or karmic
  • detach from painful situations, relationships or memories
  • connect to your inner wisdom and receive messages from your inner guidance
  • remember your multidimensional nature and activate your gifts from other lifetimes
  • harmonize and balance your energetic centers
  • feel safe and secure to open your heart
  • bathe in loving and compassionate frequencies to be more at peace with yourself


Each session is unique and the channeled light codes and sound frequencies are tailored to what your soul and your physical, mental, and emotional bodies are most needing in that moment.

The Soul Song path

It is a path of sovereignty.


Taking ownership for how you feel, behave and what you aspire to manifest in your life.


Being the observer of your thoughts, self-sabotaging patterns and behaviors without judgement. Holding them with love and compassion.


It is a path of faith. Letting go of what you think is right to merge with the flow of life.


Diving within to listen to your heart’s whispers and what life wants to manifest through you.


It is a path of remembrance of your true divine nature, your many gifts and the unique vibration you are here to embody.


It is a path of courage, to face your shadows and own your brightness. To dare standing in your own light.


Ultimately, it is a path full of love, joy and light.

About Light Language

Here is a short video to learn more about light language, where it comes from, what it does and how I reconnected with it.