Did you know that only 5% of our brain’s activity is happening at a conscious level? Hypnotherapy enables you to shift your state of consciousness in order to access other parts of ourselves. Those parts are involved in managing our automatic behaviors, our resources and knowledge, our experiences and memory.


Anyone wanting to free himself/herself from certain behaviors, fears, limiting beliefs and blocages. To connect with all your unconscious resources, bring back movement and flexbility when you feel stuck. To go through a difficult time, develop your performances, unleash your potential and improve your well-being.

When there is something that feels stronger than you preventing you from being your full self.


The scope of Hypnotherapy is extremely wide including managing change, well-being and self-development.

  • Develop self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Stress management, burn-out, bore-out, anxiety, depression and insomnia
  • Improve performances
  • Overcome fears, blocages, traumas and addictions
  • Go through loss (death or end of a life period)
  • Model future potentials
  • and more…


Hypnosis is a natural state that we experience every day when we are fully absorbed in an activity and our sense of time passing is slightly altered (while driving, watching a moving, listening to music, and many other activities).

Each session is different and unique and generally follows a specific structure. We will start by discussing the reason for your visit, your goal and the specific work to be done during the session. You will then be guided to an altered state of consciousness (if needed), then into the specific phase of work and back to a more natural state of consciousness.

There is a place in you where you have never been wounded, where there’s still a sureness in you, where there’s a seamlessness in you, and where there is a confidence and tranquility in you.

John O’Donohue